Welcome to the Young Playwrights Map!

The Young Playwrights Map was first published by Jim DeVivo in 2015 as a project connected to his doctoral dissertation research. Originally housed on Jim's personal website, The Map now has its own home! The current Map contains contests, programs, festivals, and other programs where young playwrights (generally including ages 19 and younger) in the United States can submit their plays. Please scroll below to read posts and additional information about programs featured on The Map. To access the interactive Map, use the link above.

Searching Canada and Different Terminology

This morning I received a Google Alert announcing the selection of playwrights in the Coast Youth Playwriting Project produced by the Driftwood Players in Gibsons, British Columbia. The Map has only listed two other programs for young playwrights in Canada, but I have heard there are many more. A quick search also turned up the Scirocco Drama Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition run by the Manitoba Association of Playwrights in Winnipeg, the latter of which also has a 10 year anthology of plays! I love finding those and can't wait to check it out.

I know there are more programs in Canada, but am having some difficulty finding them. As I was researching program history for the dissertation, I often questioned whether the common term "young playwrights" exemplified programs beyond the influence of the national competition established by the Dramatists Guild in 1981. The popularity of that "young playwrights" program likely influenced the naming of subsequ…

Alpha and Omega: A Brief History at Listing #103

This afternoon, I added a pair of programs in the UK that were not previously on the Map. One of these is the Young Writers' Group at the Royal Court Theatre in London. It is ironic that this would be the newest listing because, if I remember my history correctly, the Royal Court writing program for youth began around 1973. Gerald Chapman ran this program until 1981 when he was recruited by Stephen Sondheim and the Foundation of the Dramatists Guild to create and lead a national young playwrights contest in the United States. That competition grew rapidly and inspired the proliferation of similar programs across the country. Eventually, the contest sprouted the non-profit company Young Playwrights, Inc., which has administered the competition ever since (although the program has been on hiatus following the sudden death of long-time artistic director, Sheri Goldhirsch).

The addition of the young playwrights program at the Royal Court Theatre brings the total number of listings on…

The Map Goes International

There has been a lot of young playwrights news these past few weeks, so I spent a couple days catching up on a few previously unlisted programs and adding their information to The Map. I also took the opportunity to finally expand the resource beyond its previous borders to include a handful of programs for young writers in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, and Scotland. Take a look at these additions and more by clicking on "The Map" in the top menu of the blog. In the next few weeks, I will be reaching out to these programs to encourage their involvement in my research about the field. Additionally, I will go through the US programs and update their content accordingly. There are other global programs to follow up on, as well.
My thinking is to remove items like "Deadline" and "Festival/Publication Date". Obviously these change each year and it can be difficult to keep up. Plus, I figure anyone looking for more information about a particular program …

NJ Thespian Festival 2018

On January 13, I led the first ever playwriting workshops and reading series at the New Jersey Thespian Festival. The program was developed this past summer when I was contacted by the president of NJ Thespians after she and a student board member experienced a playwriting workshop at the Thespian Fest in West Virginia. We quickly drew up a set of parameters for the program loosely based on the New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival and with support from Writers Theatre of NJ, the call for submissions went out to Thespian troupes with the start of the school year.

On December 1, 15 plays from high school students in troupes from across the state arrived in my inbox at Writers Theatre. Three of these plays were chosen as part of a reading workshop on the final day of the 2018 Festival. On the first day, I taught a pair of workshops titled JumpStart Playwriting, which gave a basic outline for students to use whether crafting initial ideas for a play, or to further develop stories current…

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! Wishing you a year of creative and provocative writing.

Resolve to Share Your Writing

The clock is ticking down quickly on 2017. The transition into January 2018 means a number submission and application deadlines for writing contests and programs will be here soon. Make it your resolution to find at least one place to send your work each month. In the meantime, happy writing!

Congrats to the Young Playwrights at 52nd Street Project

This is by far the best title for young playwrights' work I have read. Congrats to the newest group of writers to participate in the Playmaking program at 52nd Street Project in NYC.