Welcome to the Young Playwrights Map!

The Young Playwrights Map was first published by Jim DeVivo in 2015 as a project connected to his doctoral dissertation research. Originally housed on Jim's personal website, The Map now has its own home! The current Map contains contests, programs, festivals, and other programs where young playwrights (generally including ages 19 and younger) in the United States can submit their plays. Please scroll below to read posts and additional information about programs featured on The Map. To access the interactive Map, use the link above.

Milestone reached: 90 listings

It has been a while since my last post as I have been busy teaching and finishing up the dissertation (submitted October 5; defense scheduled for November 16). In the meantime, I have been keeping notes on the new programs that have been popping up in my news feeds and am thrilled to add today the 90th listing to the Map! This number will change once the final update is complete, but for now I am happy to celebrate that number.

The second update for 2017 will be delayed until all dissertation activity is complete. This will give me the proper time to process the submissions and updates I received via the survey form to date. Additionally, I am putting together some listings from the UK, Canada, and Australia that will go live in the new year.

There are many more projects I am looking forward to starting in the new year, which I can't wait to share on this blog. Included in that, is a report from the July Convening and some further details about the efforts to connect programs withi…

Convening of Young Playwrights Organizations

On Friday, July 21, representatives from organizations that develop and/or produce the work of young playwrights will gather at the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts on the campus of Drew University for a conversation about the field. Writers Theatre of New Jersey is hosting the event and I am thrilled to have been part of the planning process along with representatives from Philadelphia Young Playwrights and Young Playwrights' Theatre (Washington, DC).

There was a tremendous amount of excitement and support from those who ultimately can not be in attend next week, so we will plan to make available a series of notes and other materials from the convening. If possible, I would love to host an online gathering to keep the conversation rolling. Stay tuned for details!

Two more programs on The Map

Since last count we've received program updates from:

The Coterie Theatre (Kansas City)Princeton University Program in Theatre That brings the current update total to 23, which is a little more than 25% response from the organizations contacted to date. Keep those updates coming in, please!
Invitations to international organizations will be going out toward the end of July.


Map updates continue to roll in. We have recently received information from the following organizations with programs for young playwrights:

Capital Repertory Theatre (Albany, NY)Circle Theatre (Fort Worth, TX)Burning Coal Theatre Company (Raleigh, NC)Young Playwrights' Theatre (Washington, DC)Commonwealth Theatre Center (Louisville, KY) Thank you for sharing your information with us!

Updates continued

Since last Wednesday, the Map has received additional updates from these organizations:

Omaha Theater Company
Actors Theatre of Lousiville
Indiana Repertory Theatre
MCC Theatre

Thank you for sending your current information.

Let's keep those updates coming!

Into parts unknown

Building a network often means reaching outside of what is familiar. When I began the Map a few years ago, I had a limited definition of what was defined as a "young playwrights program". Those definitions were purposeful and necessary for narrowing down the focus of the original search in order to get started; however, as I've built the resource and met new people and programs, that definition is slowly expanding. It is very exciting!

If you work with young playwrights and haven't yet filled out a survey form, please do so online by clicking the GET LISTED tab above.

Get on The Map!

It is time again to collect data from young playwrights programs in anticipation of the next update in September. One of the goals for this next round of information to expand the reach of The Map and include programs from across the globe!

If you administer a playwriting program, festival, or other opportunity in which scripts written by young people can be published, produced, or otherwise presented, please complete the form below.